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July 7 Concert Coming Soon!


An Englishman's View of the Benton Park 5K

There's not a lot happening in Benton Park area at 4.45 am on a Saturday morning, even the night shift at Benton Park Cafe were shocked to see me at that time, it could be that folk my age are usually curled up doing Darth Vader impressions, but I'll take the assumption that they thought I was heading home after removing money from a local casino, delusion and reality are very close cousins!
The reality was a little more was the BPNA 5k Run, that hour of Lycra and Sweat where pretty people run and curvier people dress up and organize....barriers were being delivered, routes cleared, pretty arrows laid down and that lifeblood of all events, coffee for volunteers, was being ground..Slowly Killeen Towers and Benton Park came to life, the Cities Finest (aka the Village People Tribute) arrived to Serve and Protect, Det Betts and peers elicited as many compliments from the him, her and rainbow sections as the runners did...
Tables and tents, water and beer, pretzels and ribbons all took their place in readiness for the eighties to reappear, and the Lycra came, the Delorean came, and I became all too aware that my Ghostbuster costume had arrived at a size called "snug."
After dozens of meetings, fundraising and envelope stuffing we were there, a start line, almost 500 runners and the professionals who do this every week, Big River Running, and without further ado they were running...Our sound engineer, Aaron Wolfe, did a sterling job managing to run the music and microphones whilst Crockett, Tubby and Elmo did an interpretation of YMCA.....I don't remember the name of the chap who won in 15.51 min, but he doesn't care too much about me, that's not what a fun run is about, it's just folk getting together, volunteering, being serious, being silly, but being a community.

We got back to Killeen Towers around 2:45pm the Park was spotless, the runners were home and the last sign has been taken down....but the remaining image for me was little Clementine giggling as she handed out the pretzel medals at the finish line, so maybe everyone won?
Ian Keith, An Englishman in Benton Park


June 2nd : Summer Concert Series Kick-Off!

Hey, folks!

It's that time of year again.  Time to kick back, relax, and spend some time with friends, family and neighbors in beautiful Benton Park.  After our very successful 80's 5K Run, Walk, Stroll last weekend, I think everyone is officially ready for the season that brings great weather and tons of fun.

June 2nd: Blues in Benton Park officially kickstarts the 5th annual Concert Series, so mark your calendars!  Just some of the things you can look forward to:

- Scooter Show

- Pet Adoption & Pet Chipping (Featuring Tenth Life Cats & Stray Rescue of St. Louis)

- Kids' Carnival

- Great Food, Drinks & FREE Concerts

  5PM - 7PM : Nikki Hill

  7PM - 10PM : Murder City Players

In the meantime, keep visiting our website for updates and future events - and tell all of your friends and family to come join you at this fun, family friendly event.  See you there!

If you are interested in giving a helping hand to the neighborhood and would like to volunteer at this event (or any others), there will be a meeting held on Tuesday May 29th, 7PM at 3015 Salena to finalize the details for the June 2nd event and start brainstorming for the July 7th event.