Uncle Sam's Throwdown 2014
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The official website of the Benton Park Neighborhood Association.


Benton Park Annual Brightside Clean Up-May 14 & 15


Brightside cleanup provides an opportunity for neighbors to get together for a work for a common cause. If you are a cleanup block captain from a previous year or a safety block captain, now is the opportunity to contact your neighbors and organize a cleanup crew for your block. My suggestion is to have a morning cleanup before it gets too warm (eg 8:30AM – 12PM) but you can schedule any time frame that is convenient. I would also suggest having Saturday as the cleanup day and Sunday as an alternate in case it rains. 

The cleanup involves picking up litter from the sidewalk/curb, any city owned vacant lots on their block, and picking up litter and biodegradable debris that tends to build up in alleys. Besides picking up litter there could be weeds to pull, small trees to chop down or big branches (that someone dumped illegally in the alley or lot) to cut up in order to fit into the yard waste dumpster. A good sweeping down of the alley clears it of nails and screws that happen to find their way into people’s tires. All litter is bagged and put in the waste dumpsters and biodegradable debris is bagged and put into the yard waste dumpsters. Large items such as pieces of furniture are to be placed in the alley but clear of the dumpster so that these items can be collected by bulk pickup. Large items should never be leaned against a dumpster. Brightside St. Louis provides resources to block captains, some directly or others through the area commander (which happens to be me for our neighborhood). Block captains can borrow tools on their own by obtaining them from a specific location (it is usually in Forest Park). Bags for collecting trash or biodegradable debris can be obtained by the block captain from the area commander. Block captains can also request flowers from the area commander. These flowers are only for planting on public spaces. 

I will have rolls of trash bags available on the Saturday of the cleanup in my alley about the middle of my block (East entrance at McNair, West entrance at Gravois). For more information or you would like to get bags from me before the cleanup message me on Nextdoor. 

Chris Rowley


BPNA General Meeting-April

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 5
Epiphany UCC, 2911 McNair Ave

6:30 pm-7:00pm STLMPD Officer Clancy will be available answer questions and talk one-on-one with neighbors
7:00pm-8:30pm General Meeting

Overview of Agenda Items: 

  • Welcome to new neighbors and community members (1900 Wisconsin new retail, Southeast St. Louis City Yard Sale, and Chinese Language Immersion School)
  • Proposed BPNA By Law Changes
  • Police Report from Officer Clancey
  • Alderman Report from Ken Ortmann
  • Buildings Review Committee (3335 Missouri Ave, 2800 Indiana Ave, 2800 Lemp Ave, 1976 Arsenal) 
  • Brightside Announcement
  • Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities
  • Other Committee Reports (Secretary, Treasurer, Safety, Parks, Events, Marketing, Garden)

Cherokee Neighborhoods Happy Hour-March

Thursday, March 31, 2016



2728 Cherokee Street

$4 sangria and some sort of beer (TBD) and 25% off any pizza or appetizer until 7pm!