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The official website of the Benton Park Neighborhood Association.


BPNA October Meeting Tonight (10/4) 

BPNA October Meeting 
Epiphany UCC, 2911 McNair Ave. 

Come meet your neighbors and learn about what is happening in the neighborhood! Interact with local officers and the alderman. All meetings are held at the same time and place on the first Tuesday of the month. 

Directions to the room: When you are looking at the church, go down the pathway to the right of the main doors. Enter the door at the end of the pathway, turn left and follow the noise to the room.


Traffic Calming Demonstrations- Sunday, October 2

Benton Park will be hosting a Traffic Calming Demonstration this Sunday, Oct. 2nd on Pestalozzi Street between Indiana & McNair Aves. This will be a one day demonstration where traffic calming elements, such as curb extensions, traffic chokers, and mini-roundabouts are temporarily illustrated in the roadway to introduce and familiarize neighbors with new streetscape possibilities, test their effectiveness on driving habits, and gauge public reception.

Please drive or walk by on Sunday to get a feel and stop to chat. VOLUNTEERS TO USE A RADAR GUN AND COLLECT DATA OR SET UP & TEAR DOWN ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! You'll be compensated in pizza and tasty beverages, and get to use a cool radar gun and wear a cool reflective vest!

The Board of Aldermen recently passed a Traffic Calming Policy which creates a centralized process for traffic calming requests. Sunday's demonstration is a first step towards raising awareness of what traffic calming can do to make our streets safer in our neighborhoods, and encourages neighbors to begin thinking about and discussing these possibilities. This demonstration is not to suggest that these changes will officially be implemented at this specific location, but to monitor the effect & to highlight elements that could be added throughout our neighborhood & city after further study & feedback.

Special thanks to Trailnet & St. Louis Street Dept. for making this demonstration possible!

A video of past demonstrations around St. Louis can be seen here:


2016 Benton Park Vintage VW Show


Call for Entries...
6th Annual
2016 Benton Park Vintage VW Show

* When: Saturday October 1st, noon to 7 pm.

* Where/Directions: Benton Park in South St. Louis, Missouri near AB. Benton Park is 4 blocks west of the of the I-55/Arsenal exit. (For GPS enter the address 2200 Arsenal Street, St. Louis, MO 63118). Enter park at southwest corner and follow the signs (Go Slow! Children Playing!).

* What Car to Bring? All vintage VWs are welcome.

* Food & Drink: Enjoy a cold beer and great food from local restaurants at the Taste of Benton Park booth or bring your own food and drink.

* Free Concert: Free Concert with Legacy Ensemble and featuring Jake's Leg. Come on out, park your VW in the park, and enjoy the day. It is like a mini Woodstock!

* Registration: Registration is free and will be held at the park when you roll in. Drive slowly, please.

* Questions: Contact 314-713-0885

We look forward to seeing you in October!