Meet the Board: Don Morgan, President

This month, we’re introducing members of the BPNA board and committees. Meet Don Morgan, president of the Benton Park Neighborhood Association.

Don Morgan.jpg

Name: Don Morgan

BPNA Role:  President

What I Hope to Accomplish: With the help of the BPNA Board and all the neighbors working together, I would like us to be guided by these principles in running BPNA, sponsoring fun events, and creating helpful policies, programs and services for our neighborhood:

  • To know our neighbors and create community

  • To enjoy, preserve and develop our neighborhood in ways that benefit all

  • To help and protect each other

Benton Park Resident Since: I moved to Saint Louis almost 5 years ago and lived in DeMun neighborhood while we built our house here. We will be living in the house for 4 years this May.

Favorite Benton Park Spot: Blues City Deli – I spent my whole life till 5 years ago living in the New York/New Jersey metro area that just happens to have the best sub shops in the world. Finding Vinnie and the crew RIGHT ON MY BLOCK was heaven!

Bio: After a long career as a clinical psychologist in private practice, and Clinic Director and professor at Rutgers University’s Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, I’ve changed everything since moving to Saint Louis! I’m not working in psychology now, but have been fixing up our house, renovating some rental properties, running an Airbnb, doing my photography and art, playing music and serving on the BPNA board and also on the board of the Conflict Resolution Center that is working to resolve conflicts between neighbors, within the city administration, and between the police and citizens of the city. I have a daughter living in Brooklyn and my wife, Phyllis, has two kids living in Boston and Austin. We travel to these spots as well as Guatemala and California quite a bit, but we always get very happy when we return to our Benton Park neighborhood and friends!

For more information or to get involved, you can email Don at