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Thanks to all who made the Benton Park 5K a Big Hit!

 Thanks to all who made the 2012 BP 5K a big success!  We received lots of compliments from the runners, and we had zero incidents on the course.  It was a real team effort and could not have been done without your help. 
* A big thanks to Katie Evitts who took the reigns in the final 2 weeks.  She spent many late nights hammering out the details and turning our meeting notes into real direction for the volunteers.  The race does not happen without Katie's efforts.  Thanks too to Katie's sister Jill for all of her help.  She drove in from Indiana to help her sister.
* A special thanks to Cora for taking on the Elmo costume at the last minute.  She gave up her pride and perhaps 20 lbs for the cause.  Thanks Cora. 
* Mike Reisman did a bang up job with the course.  Thanks for bringing the runner's perspective to our committee. 
* Thanks to Lorna for getting the word out on Facebook about the event. 
* Cat Murray was great again with permits and details.  No race without the proper permits, so thank you Cat. 
* Barb D. took on the tying of 500 pretzel ribbons.  Whose crazy idea was that?  She organized the food booth and volunteer food too.  Thanks, Barb. 
* Without volunteers, we have no race.  Thanks to Betty Halloran, we had more volunteers than we needed.  I am still not sure how she did it.  Betty, you are a volunteer magician! 
* Thanks to Cat and David for a wonderful festival, which received raves from the runners and the biggest compliment of all from them, they stuck around after the race to enjoy all that Cat and David had arranged. 
* Ian did a great job with the announcements and helping with the set up and take down of the event, not to mention months of keeping our planning for the 5K light with his special brand of humor. 
* Thanks to Dan Killeen for all his help with promotion of the event and a special thanks for putting on the Elmo suit for the Girls on the Run race.  Way beyond the call. 
* Thanks to Ann Higby for all her hard work with promotion of the event, getting the word out with press releases and getting us on TV. 
* Thanks to Lysa and Guenther for providing consulting services with their experience from last year.  A special thanks to Stella for joining on TV to promote the event.  Also, thanks to Dan for sprucing up the park ahead of the race and getting the beer booth ready.
* Thanks to Rich LaPlume for tracking down food donations and taking on many labor intensive jobs like putting signs around the hood. 
* Thanks to Chris R. for getting the recycling effort up and running.
* Thanks to Laura for having checks and cash ready for the event.
* Thanks to the Parks Department for making the park look great and to Ken Ortmann for smoothing the way at City Hall for the event.
* Finally, thanks to the runners for coming to our little neighborhood and helping us support our work to build a fun, safe community for all to enjoy.  We hope to see you again next year! 
* And to all of those we failed to mention, thanks to you too.  What an event!  

BPNA Executive Board Meeting

The BPNA Executive Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday May 22 2012 at 2818 McNair Ave. at 8:00 pm.



BPNA Pre-Race Packet Packing Party


You are invited to join us

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

@ Killeen Studio 3015 Salena

From 7:00pm- til we're done (the more people, the less time it will take to work and more time to party!)

Beverages provided.

Bring a snack thing.


Believe it or not, these get a tad rowdier than you'd think and what are you going to do anyway? Watch TV? Be on the Internet? 

Come experience the ORIGINAL SOCIAL NETWORK!

Engaging people in person!!!