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BPNA Pre-Race Packet Packing Party


You are invited to join us

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

@ Killeen Studio 3015 Salena

From 7:00pm- til we're done (the more people, the less time it will take to work and more time to party!)

Beverages provided.

Bring a snack thing.


Believe it or not, these get a tad rowdier than you'd think and what are you going to do anyway? Watch TV? Be on the Internet? 

Come experience the ORIGINAL SOCIAL NETWORK!

Engaging people in person!!!



BP 5K Crew at Fox 2...Pictures


The BP 5K Crew made up of Chelsea, Ian, Lysa, our newest volunteer Stella, and Co-Co(aka Katie) traveled out to the Fox 2 studios in Maryland Heights to promote the 5K Friday Morning on Tim Ezell at 9am.




BP 5K Crew at Fox 2...THE VIDEO!!