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Building Review:
Chair – Tim Mulligan - 772.9180 - 

The Building Review Committee meets as needed to evaluate requests for renovations to Benton Park Neighborhood buildings and requests for new business licensing. The Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Board and general membership about Association support for or opposition to such requests and issues letters of support reflecting the opinion of the Association. The letters of support are used by renovators and business owners in their quest for City permits.


English Cave Community Garden:
Chair – Bill Kranz – 517.8322 –
Marian Amies – 771.9880

The Garden Committee manages utilization and upkeep of the neighborhood garden. It is responsible for registration of members for garden plot spaces and organization of work days to maintain the public parts of the garden. Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month at 7:15PM in the garden or at an alternative announced place in case of inclement weather.


Chair – David Godbout - 398.6333 -
Betty Halloran 314-677-8648

The Events Committee organizes various events hosted by Benton Park Neighborhood Association, including our Summer Concert Series, and festivities supporting the Gateway Cup's Benton Park Classic Criterium.


Volunteer Coordinators: 
Volunteer Coordinator – Mark Hasamear – (618) 420-7489 –


Chair Dan Guenther – 304.6797


Marketing & Communications:
Co-Chairs: Cheyenne Langkamp & Katherine Leonard

The Marketing Committee is responsible for oversight of content and publication of the Benton Park Neighborhood Newsletter and the Benton Park Neighborhood Association web site. It also is responsible for all marketing and advertising for the Association, including recommendations for purchase of selected marketing materials. The Committee reviews and approves appropriate use of the BPNA brand. 


Chair – Dan Guenther – 314-304-6797 –
Contact – Beth Heine

The Parks Committee meets monthly on the Saturday before the General Meeting at 10:00AM at the strolling bridge in Benton Park.  Members spend one hour performing park cleanup and flower garden maintenance in Benton Park, Cherokee Park, Carnegie Park, and Freemont Park.  The committee reviews and coordinates Association sponsored plantings of trees or gardens in the parks as well as sponsored capital improvements.


Problem Properties:
Chair – Debbie Carroll - 277.5985 - 

The Problem Properties Committee serves as a source of information for effective reporting of neighborhood disturbances associated with a particular property or area to the appropriate authorities.  Meetings are held as needed.


Neighbor Assist Program:
Chair – Liz Gerard - 309.4460 – 

This committee was created to explore the possibility of creating a Neighbor Assist Program to help Benton Park residents with minor home repairs and household tasks. We are in the process of conducting a survey to assess neighborhood needs. 


Benton Park Dog Park:
Chair – Nicole Poston 
Treasurer – Hayley Johnston 

The Mission of the Benton Park Dog Park is to foster positive community engagement by providing a safe, fenced environment for owners and their dogs to exercise, socialize, and train. It is our aim to promote responsible pet ownership.

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